We believe in a world where all people thrive. A world where both our youth and our leaders are engaged in ongoing self-discovery, realise their passion and purpose and are dedicated to making a difference. 

What is Bloom?

BLOOM is a team of educators and facilitators that develop and implement educational programs around self-discovery, leadership and social impact. In addition, we deliver dynamic facilitation training based on our innovative approach

BLOOM is based in Melbourne Australia, however operates internationally, partnering and delivering projects all around the world.  


In the education and leadership space, dynamic and engaging facilitation is essential in inspiring learning, growth, exploration and change in those around you. 

Facilitation is a fundamental leadership skill, yet truly creative and dynamic facilitators are difficult to come across.

We are passionate about teaching leaders and educators in schools, non-profits and corporates the most innovative and creative facilitation tools and approaches.


We believe that an effective and holistic education needs to focus on the synergy of two realms: academia and formation of the self. BLOOM is dedicated to instituting the latter realm of self-formation education into schools and educational institutions worldwide.

To achieve this, our programs focus on bringing self-exploration, character development and leadership actively into play. We use this formative process as a springboard for students to cultivate self-belief and become empowered to pursue their best selves and a life of their choosing.

Meet the team