Impact co.


Impact Co. provides start-ups operating in the health, wellbeing and disability sectors with tools, techniques and resources that assist them to scale and grow. Bloom was asked to help consult in the program design of Impact Co's Incubator retreat in early 2018. In addition, we facilitated a workshop for the program's 5 current start-up founders on the power of mindset in successful leadership and change-making.

St. Michael's Social Impact Program


In late 2017, BLOOM worked with St. Michael's Grammar School in Melbourne on a Year 8 Social Impact program delivering a number of workshops for staff and students across Term's 3 and 4. The program was aimed at inspiring and up-skilling the Year 8's in making a difference and becoming change-makers. It focused on skilling up the students in some basic mindsets and tools before helping them work together in teams to ideate and build social impact projects. The projects ranged from environmentalism to mental health and tackling poverty to education inequality. 

 Centre for Social impact strategy

Aaron from BLOOM has the pleasure of working alongside the very talented team at the University of Pennsylvania's Centre for Social Impact Strategy, consulting as an experience and facilitation designer and coach for their annual residential's: the Penn-Columbia Social Impact House (PSIH), Penn Impact Lab (PIL) and the Global Social Impact House (GSIH). 

They are one week residential programs held for social change-makers, entrepreneurs and leaders providing fellows with the tools, community and training they need to advance their ventures. Workshops are customised to the needs of fellow and explore advanced concepts in design thinking, leadership and storytelling. The program is also designed to help fellows build meaningful, global connections.

The Schoolhouse

BLOOM's Michael has teamed up with trailblazers in asylum seeker education, The Schoolhouse to create the first-of-its-kind, "Teacher Training, Leadership and Empowerment Program" offering participants (Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers currently held in Israel's "Holot" Detention Facility), tools for teaching and educational program design. 

This immersive and experiential course, funded by the UNHCR, provides the safe platform for participants to learn, grow, play and share, while developing their competencies and confidence as teachers and community leaders.

What started as an English language program, evolved in response to the detainees desire to establish their own unique educational framework within the facility, thus regaining some control of their own existence; sharing skills, exchanging language, exploring ideas together and empowering one another within the limited and immensely challenging living environment, which is Holot. 


May 2015 found Aaron and Michael from BLOOM on their way to India for 8 weeks to partner with an incredible change-making organisation called 40K. The crew at 40K are visionaries in both education and business are doing remarkable things in India and Australia.

BLOOM focused on 40K's PLUS program which has set up after-school education centres called ‘Pods’ for kids living in poverty in rural Indian villages. PLUS provides the kids with tablets fully loaded with their own literacy and numeracy learning programs. BLOOM worked to strengthen the PLUS program by building and implementing new educational structures and Motivational Teacher Training programs to train and skill-up the Pod facilitators/educators.

In addition, BLOOM concentrated on creating a closer and more motivating and empowering office culture for everyone at 40K. 





Aaron from BLOOM worked with Melbourne based non-profit 'Stand UP' to create a Leadership and Self-development program to accompany Stand Up's well established tutoring program for Sudanese Refugee VCE Students.

Aaron helped kick off the year-long 'iCAN' program with an introduction day full of engaging workshops, followed by a two day leadership camp the subsequent week. 

The long term goal is to train the current iCAN students to return as youth facilitators in the coming years to run the leadership and self development stream of the program themselves.  

Take a closer look at Stand Up's iCAN Program



Jess from BLOOM worked with Monash University to develop and implement Hands on Health - a unique program that aims to inspire students in Year 10 to 12 from underrepresented schools to pursue higher education courses in the Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

Through work experience programs and a series of on-campus seminars our aim is to instil participants with the practical knowledge, skills and self awareness that will see them through VCE and into a brilliant future in a health related course.

Most recently the program has grown to include IMMUNITY, an umbrella peer support program in which second and third year university students guide first year health students through their transition into university.


Anglicare NT

During the 2014/15 school summer holidays, Aaron from BLOOM assisted Anglicare NT in developing and implementing a successful holiday program for teenagers and Indigenous youth on the Gove Peninsula in the Northern Territory. 

The goal was to create daily dynamic holiday activities for at-risk youth in the community that would keep the kids engaged, excited and out of trouble. The holiday program was a huge success and a serious amount of fun. 

Accolades to Anglicare NT for the incredible work they are doing with Indigenous youth in the community.  

mandela international magnet school

In late 2014, Michael from BLOOM teamed up with other collaborative partners such as Harvard University's Project Zero to consult on projects pertaining to Leadership and Character Education at the Mandela International Magnet School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Currently, a budding Middle School hosting 100 students across 7th and 8th Grades, this ambitious and ground-breaking hub of innovation and creativity aims to merge the academic structure of the International Baccalaureate Program with the teachings, philosophies and values of their namesake, Nelson Mandela.

BLOOM shares this unique public school's hopes that their students will continue to develop the tools and foster the passion to create a better and more peaceful world.



This ever-growing school, with the support of the organisation Hope For Children Australia as well as private sponsors, provides a quality education (and so much more!) to children from some of the lowest socioeconomic communities in the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Michael from BLOOM was involved primarily in developing a sustainable and organically grown Teacher Training Program centred on Bloom's educational approach as well as developing their competency and confidence in English.

Additional programs pertaining to reading and literacy, student integration, fostering collective responsibility and a strong school culture were other key areas of focus during the unforgettable time spent there.