This course challenges students to question the beliefs they hold about themselves and their potential. By exploring topics such as identity, character, choices, beliefs and values our participants are encouraged to confront who they are now so they can choose who they want to be tomorrow.

This course is recommended for students from year's 9-12.



Please note that BLOOM is able to work with your institution to design a Self-Exploration course that meets your individual needs (including the length and content of the course).

Below we have designed the course to fit into a single school term. 9 weeks of workshops with one per week. Each workshop will run from 1-2 hours depending on the amount of time allocated.

Workshops will be run on the following themes;

  • Week 1: Identity - What makes you, you? 
  • Week 2: The power of choice
  • Week 3: Examining your values and beliefs
  • Week 4: Relationships
  • Week 5: Critical Thinking
  • Week 6: Self reflection
  • Week 7: Individuality 
  • Week 8: Character Strengths
  • Week 9: Looking ahead...


*Single Workshops: We are able to run one-off workshops on any of the workshop themes above. 


  • A greater sense of self and the factors that influence identity 

  • A deeper understanding of the role reflection and choice play in personal growth 

  • Participants have the knowledge and motivation to take practical steps towards becoming their best selves 

  • A stronger group identity based on mutual understanding of each other 

Anything that makes you reflect will change your life forever. This experience helped me get to know myself by understanding others.
Thanks to everyone.
— Jake, Year 11

As a parent I pray and hope that my children will have core values and a strong sense of self and of those around them, will be respected and respectful (I could go on…). I have realized with Alyssa that she is on a beautiful journey and has developed significant relationships and friendships along the way that will be with her for life. You and your programs have opened her eyes and supported her unconditionally in a way that I could never have imagined.
— Parent of Alyssa, Year 10 Student