This course acts as an introduction to change-making, social action and innovation. We begin by exploring the values and ethics behind giving as well as our motivations for wanting to make positive changes in society. As we delve into contemporary social justice issues we call upon participants to connect and use their skills to take responsibility for a social cause. We help participants come up with, develop and implement a change-making project.  At its heart, this course is about empowering participants to create with their own hands the change they want to see.

This course is recommended for students from year's 9-12.

I have this desire to work in the human rights field and that passion has definitely stemmed from everything i have learnt...knowing that i have the knowledge, education and capacity to make a change (no matter how minor)
— Julia, Year 11


Participants will;

  • Have explored and grappled with social justice issues in our society and world
  • Be equipped with the skills to develop and implement a change-making project or initiative
  • Feel empowered to make a difference




Course Content

  • Introduction to social justice
  • Exploring major issues
  • Youth empowerment
  • Successful ingredients of a change-maker
  • Finding your passion
  • Design thinking & innovation
  • Dreaming up a change-making project
  • Project building session 1
  • Project building session 2

Models of Delivery

Single Term 

Delivered in weekly 1-2 hour workshops, this course allows us to explore the ethics and practicalities of creating social impact with a focus on empowering participants take responsibility and be the creators of positive social change. 


Single Workshops

We are able to run one-off workshops on any of the workshop themes above. 

Full Year

By committing to a full year we are able to step beyond theory and guide participants through the process of designing and implementing their own social innovation project. 

A bird’s eye view of the year looks something like this:

Term 1: 7 weeks of 1-2 hour workshops to explore the ins-and outs of social justice and action

Terms 2 & 3: Social Innovation and project building and implementation

Term 4: Evaluation, conclusion and where to from here